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House Mice

House Mice in buildings is frequent and can course damage to electrical cables and the fabric of the building, they can be responsible for the spread of disease such as Leptospirosis, Salmonella, Trichinosis and Brucllosis.

 Property owners have a legal obligation under the Prevention of Damage by Pests Act 1949 to keep premises rodent free. Food businesses need to protect themselves from Mice infestations and are subject to the requirements of the Food Hygiene Regulations 2006.

  • House mice urinate frequently.
  • Mice can reach sexual maturity 42 days after birth populations can grow quickly.
  • Mice can have up to 8 litters per year, with 5 or 6 off spring in each litter.

Mice gnaw to control growing incisor teeth causing significant damage to fixtures and fittings in a building. Mice can enter properties through small gaps. Large buildings can contain many separate colonies. Control of the entire site is needed to eradicate.