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Common Garden or Black Ant

They are 2 to 3mm in length and have a large head and slender thorax with long legs. There are usually found outside but some times forage inside buildings, nests can also be found inside building where they can become very active due to warm conditions and good food sources. There are less common types of ants known as tropical Ants times found in the UK .Each type of ant requires differing control methods.

Rogers Ants

Rogers ants are reddish yellow to dark brown in colour. They do not forage for sweet products , they live on small insects and pupae, they like damp areas such as around shower trays. The worker and queens can both sting, how ever it is usually only the flying queens that are seen . They are very attracted to UV light and are often found in electric fly killer catch trays. Treatment my involve the removal of wall tiles and shower trays

Pharaoh Ants:

Pharaohs ants are believed to come from Africa there are becoming more common in the UK.workers are 2mm in length they and are pale straw in colour, the head and abdomen is darker. Pharaohs ants are often found in prisons hospitals, laundries and nursing homes they like warm humid conditions they spread quickly and can form satellite nests especially when they are not identified and controlled correctly. The correct control for Pharaohs ants is with the use of specialist baits rather than spraying